Sunday, 1 November 2009

birthday gifts and some challenges

Hello everybody. Last saturday was my birthday and i was 14. so i invited some mates to the cinemas to see the new film based on some of darren shans books - Cirque d freak : the vampires assistant. a must see for any Twilight fans or people who like Vampire films. these 2 cards are what my Mam made for me. the following card is what my sis made me. The 2 fry-boxes are what my mam made me for Halloween! im using them for my Promarkers and Copics. I have started to use copics. I? would recomend them if you have money to spare put if you are like me (Spends all their money on things they don't need) promarkers will do you fine. copics don't bleed as much as promarkers do.

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